Union of Arab Securities Authorities.



Former SG of the WFE and the CBM Governor advisor visiting the UASA Secretariat

Published on: 19-Aug-2014

The former Secretary General of the WFE Mr. Thomas Krantz visited the UASA Secretariat where he was briefed on the latest developments and the work carried out by the Secretariat in the field of development of financial markets especially with regard to assessing the extent of the commitment of the members  as per the International Organization of Securities Authorities (IOSCO) principles and the application of the IOSCO PFMI principles on financial infrastructure.

On the other hand, the UASA Secretary General also received the governor advisor of the Central Bank of Mauritania, Mr. Mohamed Vall El Alem, where they discussed the possibility of the UASA Secretariat contribution efforts in establishing a regulated market for securities in Mauritania, where it was agreed to hold a seminar with the participation of the UASA members and the Arab stock exchanges in order to enhance the capacity building of the Mauritanian capital market and theexchange of knowledge and experiences.

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